Match the Battery Components to Their Names

Seal/Vent - Holds internal components inside the cell and releases internal pressure when battery is abused
Separator - Porous non-woven fibrous material which separates electrodes; holds electrolyte between electrodes
Anode Collector - Tin-plated brass which serves as a path for the electrons from the anode to the external circuit
Cathode Pellets - Manganese dioxide and graphite which take up electrons from the external circuit
Anode - Powdered zinc metal which serves as the source of electrons
Outer Jacket - A plastic sleeve which contains decorative printing identifying the cell type and size
Steel Can - Nickel-plated steel which is formed into a container to hold chemicals; serves as the positive collector
Electrolyte - A solution of potassium hydroxide in water which carries the ionic current inside the battery

How To Play: Drag the pictures to the box that it matches. Click the CHECK button to see if you are correct.
After you CHECK your work, you can SOLVE to find the correct answers. You can also RESET to start all over. Have Fun!

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